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What is Leadership Seminar?

Leadership Seminar is Alchemy's signature course and the first phase of training. Alchemy's focus is on the working relationship between the Executive Director and the Board Chair, which is why the presence of both parties at all training sessions is required.

The seminar consists of 3 days: two full days of training and an ‘Anthology Review Day' approximately 90 days later. This 90 Day period allows the program attendees to implement the lessons learned. Critical issues covered are fundraising, board effectiveness, civic engagement and accountability.

Community Champions - Alchemy graduates who return to provide support - assist in both the trainings and the 90 day implementation period.

We're pleased to announce that we are collaborating for a fourth year with CNN Heroes to provide free nonprofit leadership training for the 2015 Top 10 CNN Heroes through customized version of Annenberg Alchemy. 

The program is offered at no cost to participating organizations. Read further to learn more about Leadership Seminar's goals and purpose.

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